Saturday, 29 September 2007

Wishing for an Indian Summer

Hi followers of Green Beach,
For those who have been requesting, there is a limited supply of the current Indian Summer collection now on sale at Pebble, both Mumbles and Cowbridge branches. There will be more designs and colours to be launched shortly. Check here for details in the next couple of weeks!

Also, for the ones who love the beaches, but hate all the rubbish that gets washed up , especially at this time of year with the Autumn tides, there is an organised beach clean up, on surfer's favourite, Llangennith Beach , Gower, this Sunday at 11 am. Hope you all can make it!

Happy wombling!
Chris and Ella

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sweet news

My rest from the weekly Green Beach blog was brief - due to overwhelming public demand (and some nagging) I thought I'd better pass on some exciting news.

The Green Beach team welcome Ceri at Cake Gallery, Dunns lane, Mumbles, to join the band of retailers that have been inspired to opt for a more ethical jewellery range (i.e. us!). As well as a superb beach theme gallery, cake offers a range of coffees + snacks at the rear of the premises. Avid collectors of Green Beach may be interested to know that items on sale at Cake gallery are slightly different to those at Pebble at Mumbles and Cowbridge, so pay a visit to check out the different styles (including 'Seaweed Mermaid' Anklets and 'Penclawdd Pearl' earrings). There is something for all!

Keep reading for news of the exciting autumn/winter range soon to be launched,

Calmness to all
Chris + Ella

P.s. Pop over to Organic Jac for the latest natural beauty and recycling news, plus read about the new eco-stars in our midst.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Cleaning up and blogging on

Whilst I was bogged down by the Llandeilo mud at last weekend's agricultural show, the summer rain was also having a great impact upon on our coastline. The BBC reports today that according to the Marine Conservation Society, the recent storms have swept pollutants, such as farm waste, into our seas. I'm will be taking positive action by helping clean up our beaches (not just of the pretty treasures for jewellery making!) - see the MCS's adopt a beach campaign and join Beachwatch this September.

***Please note that I will be having a rest from blogging on this site during the coming weeks. The site will however be updated with new jewellery/business news soon. Please follow my blogging adventure on my original Welsh green site Organic Jac. Cheers, Ella***

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Show update

Just an update to say that this weekend's Llandeilo show admission costs £5 for adult and a mere £1 for children. We are also entering the best craft display competition - come and see what you think of our beachy theme!


'Big Drop' necklace pictured, with fair trade recycled glass, shells and semi precious chips, now only £15.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Old bags

When you start obsessing about green living like me (although I am so very far from perfect), you notice little things like how many black bags versus green bags that your neighbours use or what packaging consumables come in. Today I admired the many Sainsburys customers at the checkouts with their various forms of reusable bags etc. One guy had several big blue IKEA bags and another had a well organised system of plastic boxes. I was so proud of them! What annoys me is when I go out and invariably buy something (the forever consumer) but forget my bag. That means I either have to struggle to carry the said purchases without a bag and receive strange looks from the shop assistant or take the plastic option and be wracked with guilt. Luckily these occasions are reducing now I take my little emergency shopper with me. Neatly tucked up into a pocket, the onelessbag transforms into a beautiful and useful bag made from recycled sari's by homeworkers in the UK. I can now be a little bit smug and guilt free. In addition to our designs we are currently selling the onelessbag at fairs/shows.
For more info visit the onelessbag website.
From the old bag,

Beach news

My life as a green blogger was featured in my local press today (link to be added soon)so welcome to any Evening Post readers who have logged on. I am closely following the Post's reporting on the sand dredging off the Gower coast and notice reported today that the local conservatives have launched an anti-dredging petition to stop over a million of tonnes of sand to be removed over the next seven years (read more at Gower SOS blog).

Please come and see us this saturday at:

**Llandeilo Show - Saturday 18th August**

Gates open at 9.30 am

Caeau Cawdor Fields

Green Beach will be in the craft marquee

Monday, 6 August 2007

Berry good

Determined not to let the Gower Show cancellation get us down, Christine and I had a productive weekend. I took my family to the Maize Maze in Scurlage, Gower (see and was impressed by the enormousity of the adventure - a great green way to have lots of fun! Meanwhile Christine called into the Organic Pantry, Ammanford run by the same creaters of Glo4Life organic t-shirts. They have a large selection of organic groceries and will by adding to their eco-enterprise - possibly with our jewellery - watch this space. We met up for the Mumbles raft race which hopefully raised loads of dosh for the Lifeboat crew and found a use for lots of old rubbish too. Not as many sinkers this year I think - well done to the many 'pirates' and other shipmates.

New news is that we will be at the **Llandeilo agricultural show** on Saturday 18th August - more details to follow. Thankfully many shows have been able to carry on without livestock - the farmers need as much support as we can muster. Hope to see you at Llandeilo.

As you can see I also found time for a spot of blackberry picking - the scrams and purple fingers are totally worth it! Peace, Ella.